The Practical Produce Cookbook
The Practical Produce Cookbooks is a complete produce manual.  
This is the cookbook every gardener will want on their book shelf.    
Published in 1997 sales have surged since 2007 for a total of over
55,000 copies sold at this point.

The idea for this cookbook came from customers at the farmer's
market where we sold our produce.  After hearing people ask how to
use eggplants or kohlrabi several times in one day it seemed like a
logical step to put together a cookbook with recipes for all the
common vegetables.

The result is a 332 page cookbook/produce manual with 34
categories beginning with asparagus and ending with winter squash.
Each vegetable has its own section introduced with an original pen
and ink drawing by Elsie on the divider page.  Also on the divider
page are some helpful planting and harvesting tips.

The sections are subdivided into recipes for soups, salads,
sandwiches, main dishes, baked goods and desserts, ending with a
canning and freezing guide.  Included in the back of the book is a fruit
canning and freezing guide.  

The Practical Produce Cookbook has everything you need to
successfully plant, pick, prepare and preserve your vegetables; this is
truly a remarkable volume-the gardener's cookbook of choice.
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The Practical Produce Cookbook
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The Practical Produce Cookbook
Table of Contents
The Practical Produce Cookbook
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The Practical Produce Cookbook
Divider Page
The Practical Produce Cookbook
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Like all of our cookbooks the Practical Produce Cookbook has a
flexible spiral binding which allows the pages to be open and lie flat on
your counter while being used.